Lets talk SLEEP! It’s not our strongest point in this household, we all want that real creme de la creme of sleep but we just aren’t quite achieving it . If it’s not a child waking up in the night it’s from the mattress that just isn’t doing it’s job. Now I can’t change the first as unfortunately I have a child we joined the ‘No Sleep Club’ from day one but I can change the latter.

Simba mattress review

March was the month that we focused on stepping it up a level sleep wise. We were upgrading our bed from a Double to a King size to give us the room but we needed the mattress to give us the better nights sleep we had been dreaming of (well maybe daydreaming as dreaming means sleep and that’s not what we’ve had). This is when SIMBA got in contact and answered all our sleep prayers. SIMBA believes that if everyone was a little more rested, the world would be a happier place. Yes to that SIMBA, I’m fully on board. This leads me onto my review of the SIMBA Hybrid mattress.



If you are here because you too want a better night sleep I thought I would not only give you my honest review but a little bit of what Simba has to say about the Hybrid mattress to help give you a more rounded review.

SIMBA’s design experts have created this cutting edge mattress, that houses five luxurious layers to provide support and comfort for every style of sleeper. Featuring 2500 pocket springs in the King Size model, Each spring adjusts individually, mapping to the shape of your posture as you sleep to offer truly tailored comfort.

The SIMBA Hybrid has a hypoallergenic ‘breathe in, breathe out’ cover. Its unique construction allows the mattress fillings to breath and provide you with a cool and comfortable sleep surface. This enhanced breathability promotes thermo regulation helping your body find the perfect temperature for an undisturbed night’s sleep. The third layer is made up of SIMBA’s Visco memory foam, which moulds expertly to your shape as the warmth from your body softens it. It contours to your individual sleeping pose to give you the best comfort and support.

Finally, a perfectly engineered grooved foam foundation is the basis of support on which you’ll sleep. Its seven individual zones ensure different levels of support are provided, and your individual needs are met. Working with the other foam layers and pocket springs, this base filling can provide really responsive support.



After two weeks of sleeping on the SIMBA Hybrid mattress I feel that I can give you my honest review. I’m focusing on my nights sleep and what’s improved since we have had the SIMBA Hybrid. I love a mattress that is an in between shall we say, not too firm and not too soft. I’m a greedy sleeper who likes to sleep on my side and back and I can’t bare being too warm. The SIMBA Hybrid ticks all of those boxes. With my previous mattress I was getting terrible Lower back and hip pain but from the support the SIMBA gives you that has all gone.

One of the complete selling points for me was you don’t feel the movement of your partner through the night this is due to the memory foam. If you too share a bed with a serial bed break-dancer then this is the mattress for you.

As soon as I lay down to sleep it’s not taking me ages to get comfortable and I’m staying in that rested level of sleep for much longer. I honestly can’t believe how much this mattress has improved my nights sleep which is setting me up for a better day ahead.

SIMBA believe in their product so much they also offer you the 100 night trial, if you aren’t happy with the mattress for whatever reason you can return No questions asked,  they will even pick it up. I can honestly say you will not be sending this back. 

If you too want a better night sleep with SIMBA they has given me this affiliate link to offer you £75 off your SIMBA mattress https://simba.mention-me.com/m/ol/kb6vu-house-of-chester

I hope this review has helped you, if you would like to ask me any more questions about the SIMBA mattress please feel free to leave a comment and I will be more than happy to help.




* #AD The SIMBA Hybrid Mattress was gifted to me by SIMBA SLEEP for a review no money was exchanged, all thoughts and views are my own. I only work with companies who i honestly believe in and would spend my own money with.



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