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A few weeks ago I walked you through the Dining room revamp inspo ands ideas. I can finally say the Dining room revamp is complete.

As I previously mentioned the dining room has evolved with its uses over the years. Now that my children are that bit older and more responsible (she says) I felt it was time to create a more lux grown up dining space.

One of the biggest changes in the room as you can see is the paint. I painted the walls in Graham & Brown Darcy which has a subtle pink undertone. The ceiling is painted in Merlot which has a deep Rouge purple tone, I’ve brought the Merlot down the front of the chimney breast to draw your eye to the statement furniture in the centre of the room.

Dining table- West Elm. silhouette marvel top oval. Lenox Dining chairs. Far right- Penelope mini Desk with the Jane Dining chair.


As part of the Dining Room revamp I wanted the dining table to be a focal paint of the room. I needed a table that was spacious enough for my family and for when we have guests. Shape and texture was also high up on my list to give warmth and dimension to the room. It’s been no secret that the West Elm oval silhouette table has been on my lust list for quite some time. The sleek shape and design I’m sure you will agree is a real statement piece and happily takes centre stage. I chose the Lenox Dining chairs to compliment the table, their elegant Art Deco curve hugs perfectly round the oval table.


With any statement table you need a statement lighting especially if you have a freshly painted ceiling. The Sphere + Stem 6 light Chandelier is so simple but in equal measure so striking in design. This hangs perfectly above our table.


Esme Fluted Glassware, Gilded Brushstrokes Coasters, Wood Slice Charger, Blush Tapered candles, ice glass candleholders


To finish off the Dining area you need some stunning dinnerware because it’s important to be the envy of all your guests. West Elm have just released the Reactive Glaze dinnerware range. This range comes in various colours, but the dusty mint grabbed my heart. Like every magpie the Smith cutlery in Gold cought my beady eye and is in keeping with the lux vibe I want to achieve. Gold cutlery still looks good even when you are just eating beans on toast.



One of the first things I did when starting the revamp was to clear out the old toy cupboard. This was a handy piece of furniture we brought from our old house that became redundant now the children are that bit older. Clearing out the dried up play dough and random pieces of Lego felt quit cathartic. Passing the cupboard onto a new home gave me space to create my very own work area that I’ve craved ever since starting this blog. I really didn’t want to comprimose on style when it came to creating this work area. I was also limited with the space I had. The Desk had to fit snugly in the alcove of the chimney breast, also had to compliment the dining area.


The Penelope Mini Desk was the perfect measurement for the alcove, its oval shape and marble top works well next to the dining area. As this is a multi use room I chose the Jane Dining Chair in blush. Perfect if we needed an extra seat at the dining table. The Retro table lamp is bringing that vintage vibe and in keeping with the round and oval shape I’m creating in this room.

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