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House Plants, we all love them but finding the perfect plant for your home and keeping them alive is the tricky part.

This week i’ve Sat down and chatted with house plant fanatic Natasha, also known as @la_sidhu on Instagram to talk all things plants. If you are looking for some house plant eye candy Natasha’s page should be your first port of call.

Hi Natasha thank you for joining us on House Of Chester. For those of my readers who may not know you please can you tell us a little about yourself and how you became a plant fanatic.

Hey jungle lovers, my names Natasha and im a digital creator and product stylist from London.
Its safe to say I have well and truly been bitten by the jungle bug! My love for plants and nature has always been deep rooted (sorry… I had to!) from a young age as I watched my dad transform our family garden into some sort of Kew Gardens shrine every year. I always really admired the love, patience and dedication he poured into it, and how proud he was to always show it off!
When we brought our first house a in 2016 a friend actually gave me my first plant as a house warming gift and I immediately just loved how it changed the space. We had absolutely no furniture whatsoever,  but a little gang of green babes started to form and I realised how much plants can transform a space and be such a beautiful form of decor in an otherwise empty space.
Over time, my passion for plants may have got “slightly” out of hand shall we say… but oddly they have enabled me to do a job I had always dreamed of, and so I’m extremely grateful to them for that!

Obviously being plant obsessed do you have a favourite house plant and why?

I think in a future life I’m going to have to reside to somewhere far more exotic than the UK as I’m OBSESSED with all of the beautiful plants that seem to grow freely in nearly every other country apart from here! I’ve always been a HUGE lover of all things cacti as I love the weird & wonderful ways they grow and evolve over time. So many unique and beautiful species and varieties and all stunning in their own way. The bird of paradise (also known as Strelizia Nicolai) is also a firm fave of mine as those big luscious green leaves always put a huge smile on my face and transport me back to our travels. I have a large round plant right next to my bed and it always fills me with happiness when I see it first thing in the morning.

Do you have any top tips for caring for your plants?

Im often asked my top tips for plant care and for a happy plant filled home, and I think it’s important to remember that we aren’t all blessed with the green finger gift and that’s ok. I know I certainly wasn’t and have killed off more Boston ferns than you’ve probably had hot dinners, but Its important to not be afraid of trial and error along the way of growing your green gang. Our homes and workspaces are all set up differently, so what works for one person may not necessarily be the same for another and part of the process is knowing that and being aware of your space.
I tend to just go with the flow with my plant care, if it looks a little sad or limp, I’ll give it some TLC to nurse it back to health. If a plant is in need of additional daylight, I’ll move it to the sunniest spot for a few days for a sun soaked sunbath session.
Like us, plants need a little bit of love, care and attention and they’ll in return, be a devoted partner for life! (Unless it’s a Boston fern in which case I forecast an immediate break up)

Your favourite places to shop for houseplants.

How long have you got?
This isn’t an easy one with pretty plant shops popping up left, right and centre these days… but here are a few top picks of mine:
Columbia Flower Market
I’m a true market loving girl at heart and love nothing more than the hustle and bustle of a happy crowd and stalls lined with treasures. Columbia Flower Market is THE place to be on a sunny Sunday morning in London. Winding roads filled with GORGEOUS greenery, fabulous florals and the cutest cafes and curiosity shops – you’ll find a huge variety of plants here all at affordable prices. Try to get there early to avoid the crowds, head off to a nice pub or cafe for a few hours and then pop back just before closing to nab up some end of the day bargains!
Forest London
One of those places that will literally leave you speechless the moment you step in. Not only are the folks at Forest the loveliest of human beings, they also know how to put on a plant shop show that packs a punch!
Jungle babes are literally hanging from every nook and corner in this pretty plant shop. They also have a gorgeous selection of homewares which are always on my wish list.
W6 Garden Centre
Next level garden centre right there! I end up spending hours in this jungle spot as there’s a huge mix of pretty plants, garden decor, interior homewares and a cute little cafe for when those hands and feet need a rest from carrying plants! I hear they’ve also recently opened a Green Room there which is FULL of unique and exotic houseplants so I’ll defiantly be taking a trip down there soon to pick up some new jungle recruits.
Camden Garden Centre 
Combining my favourite place in London with approximately  3838283929 plants and here you will have Camden Garden Centre.
I popped into their cactus festival once (yes, that’s really a thing!) and got to meet lots of other spikey minded people and see the most INCREDIBLE selection of exotic cacti. They have a huge selection of houseplants and a quirky little cafe area which also offers workspace – I wish I lived a bit closer as I don’t think I would ever leave!
Old Market Plants, Bristol 
Bristol has so many quirky and unique places popping up from plant shops to vintage boutiques and on a recent road trip we came across Old Market Plants and just had to pop in! I’m so glad we did as I ended up coming home with a 5ft Cereus called Felicia (long story) that Ryan brought me for my birthday who I absolutely adore!
This plant shop may be petite, but OH MY GOD is it a treat for the eyes. It’s like entering your Nan’s living room that has been casually relocated to the amazon rainforest.
Online plant shopping 
Not everyone will be able to visit these planty places, so for those of you who prefer a little online retail therapy… here’s some great companies who I can recommend.
Beard And Daisies
London House Plants
Leaf Envy

 For all those beginners who want to dip their toe into the world of house plants. What are the ideal plants to start with?

For new jungle recruits who want to get into the world of green, the first tip I would suggest is to start a small collection and really get to know your plants and their habits, before going wild and buying half of your local garden centre. I think people don’t realise that being a plant parent can actually take up a lot of time and dedication. Each plant has its own preferences, as you or I do, so it’s all about building a content collection and then growing it over time as you also gain confidence. I have lost so many plants over the years and although it’s sad, it’s also a great way to learn.
A first time plant parent might find the cheese plant (also know as the monstera deliciosa) a great place to start. These vibrant babes are also a fave of mine because they require minimal maintenance, grow quickly and are a large statement plant that can usually be picked up affordable from most places. A lot of the time I find people want the aesthetic and health benefits of plants, without having to dedicate too much care and attention, and the monstera is a master at needing minimal maintenance whilst still looking absolutely FABULOUS ✨
Thank you to Natasha for sharing so much houseplant knowledge with us, I hope you all find this as useful as I have.

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