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Gallery walls…. we all want one but we also don’t know where to start. I don’t know about you but once I think about how much time it takes to collect prints, the cost this entails and then the actual gallery wall layout your left feeling rather overwhelmed.

I’m going to talk you through how I created my first gallery wall on our stairwell. This will be in two bite size blog post chunks to give you my hints and tips on creating a fun, eye-catching gallery wall that won’t break the bank.


You have worked out your gallery wall location in your home, now it’s time to collect prints.  I personally like to mix it up with collections of prints I love for just the picture or the colour and I like to also throw in some sentimental family pictures. To me it’s about making it fun but also personal to the family that lives in that home.

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to  reasonably  priced print companies and these are very easy to find. There is also other ways of adding prints to the gallery wall which is personally a favourite of mine. Over the years I’ve saved birthday cards from friends and family purely for the picture. It’s a great inexpensive way of adding a print to the wall that holds a story.Gallery wall



Adding family pictures or items is a firm favourite of mine for a gallery wall. I think not only does it tell a story it is also interesting to look at and is always a  Conversation starter with visitors. I’ve mixed in prints I’ve had made of the year my children were born with a box frame of my daughters first ballet slippers and also a canvas print we had made from a family holiday. Shop your home for those interesting items you would love to incorporate to the gallery wall. These are all fantastic low cost ways to add that personal touch.


Gallery wall

Gallery wall


Get your head out the gutter people, this blog post is still about gallery walls I can assure you. I’m talking about when ordering prints think about ordering different sizes. The last thing you want is to be squirreling away all your much loved prints ready to create this bad arse gallery wall to realise you have a load of portrait A4s that just doesn’t rock the vibe you was hoping for. Remember to think of the ratio of portrait and landscape and how many you have in that size. Think outside the box by adding objects as gap fillers. Plates and ornaments are also a fun way to mix it up, especially to fill in an awkward gap you may have that needs that special something.

Gallery wall

I hope this has given you food for thought on how to create your own gallery wall. Part two will talk you through how to create the perfect layout, where to buy frames and how I like to hang my pictures.



*some pictures you may see on my gallery wall have been previously gifted as part of a Instagram collaboration not specifically for this blog post.



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