I was seeing this guy called Instagram but he was such a player!

I was seeing this guy called Instagram but he was such a player!

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Instagram is exactly that, he takes you out gives you all the love and attention leaving you completely committed then one day drops you with no reason why! You think you’ve found what works it’s all going well then suddenly you was robbed by someone called the  algorithm and your left wondering what you did wrong.

I was planning on doing an end of year 2018 round up but let’s face it I just wasn’t that organised. Instead I thought I would talk about Instagram, you know insta, The Gram?

 February  2018 was the month I decided I wanted to put more effort into the House of Chester Instagram page, I call it my Instagram journey as let’s face it that’s exactly what it is. None of us know where this app on our phone is going to take us. Now I’m no big insta baller, I’m a small fish in a blooming ocean of fishes all trying to swim into the VIP pond with only one single door entrance. I thought I would share with you how I see Instagram, the highs and lows of my “journey”.

like most I am completely obsessed with Instagram or let’s say I’m committed. Everyone wants the secret to Instagram success, they will even pay good money to find that secret. It’s like we are all in this game trying to get all the coins to move up to the next level. I truly believe there is no secret, well if there is I clearly haven’t found it but from where I’m standing it’s more about hard work, kick arse pictures, a load of hashtags, sometimes a bit of luck like being in the right place at the right time not forgetting engagement, engagement, engagement.

Similar posts, posted at around the same time but completely different likes

Now this app is a social media app which was set up for you to meet and be “social” with like minded folk so when I say engagement I actually want the good stuff, the honest real nectar of engagement. Let’s face it We don’t always have time to comment on every post we see but when we do let’s make it more than just “nice pic hun xxx”. I feel that the honest social side has somehow become lost and it’s more comment for comments sake. When I started this page I was so green to everything, like using 30 hashtags and what’s the best ones to use, best time of the day to post and the list goes on. Suddenly you’ve become a custom to all this knowledge and it consumes you. I wonder if this was the intention of the creators of Instagram when creating this app.

Right so you’ve taken 1000 pictures and you’ve picked picture  467 which practically looks the same as picture number 1, you’ve popped it in snapseed and tweaked the  saturation , brightened and  defined. You come up with a  witty caption and your 30 hashtags are sitting pretty lined up in a row. That’s it your ready to post, at the best possible time of day of course. It’s out there it’s on the grid and now it’s completely out of your hands. Remember now your completely consumed and slightly dependent on the likes, your also feeling proud of this post and you want others to like it to otherwise what was the point. The last thing you want is for the post to bomb but sadly this is the Russian roulette of Instagram, there is no rhyme or reason but it sure is heartbreaking if a post doesn’t go to plan and before you know it your insta bashing in your stories.


Its only natural you want to excel in this world you have committed so much of your time to but maybe insta can never be completed you can never have the answers as just like us it’s growing and evolving so we have to use it as it uses us and go back to our early days when all we wanted to do was share pretty pictures and chat with our new found friends. There will always be someone who does better, has more but so what you can only do you.

Maybe Instagram is just an app?

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your post on Mr Instagram the highs and lows of being on the gram we have all experienced it

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