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Recently I embarked on another room revamp, the master bedroom to be exact. I am a huge wallpaper lover but I am also a decorating addict.

If you are like me you will naturally turn to paint for your room revamp, before you pick up that paint brush let me tell you about removable wallpaper.


Removable wallpaper


There is so many benefits to removable wallpaper, firstly if you are a renter this is a complete godsend. It’s so simple to instal especially with the step by step installation leaflet Milton & King send along with your order. The wallpaper is not going to damage your wall or paint and when the time comes to remove your wallpaper it is fuss and mess free. The bit I love the most is if you decide you want to remove the wallpaper, as long as you keep the original backing you can take this wallpaper with you to another room or home and just reinstall….  Genius!



Once you have measured your wall, it’s time to decide on your wallpaper design. I chose the cranes bird design from Milton & King. There was so many designs to choose from I was really spoilt for choice.

When your removable wallpaper has arrived Milton & King recommended that you make sure your walls are clean and dust free,for best results wash your walls down 24-48 hours before hanging the wallpaper making sure they are completely dry before hanging the paper. Another handy tip is don’t apply the paper to newly painted walls. If you want to paint the wall before you apply the wallpaper then wait after 20 days.

‘Your next pre installation step is to lay your wallpaper out and cutting off the header which you will use to measure the panel width out from the corner in the direction you will be going. Faintly mark the wall at the end with a pencil.

The next step is to create a plump vertices line from that mark. From using the light mark you have created, draw a vertical line with a spirit level.

Don’t forget that when you are ordering through Milton & King you are sent your instillation step by step brochure. It’s there to hold your hand through the whole process.


Now it’s time to hang your paper, I would say it’s a lot easier if you have someone there to assist you. I did hang the paper by myself not with much difficulty but with a lot of patience.

The rolls come together as  A & B  for you to match your pattern together. I chose a pattern and detail heavy design so I really took my time once I had hung the first roll to match A to B.


Following in the Milton & King instructions  I peeled 12 inches of the backing away to make it easier to manage. Leave some excess to overlap the ceiling, align the right side of the length to your markings then press and smooth to your wall.

Keep pulling the backing down lowly, smoothing the paper to the wall as you go. I also found that using an old credit card to smooth out air bubbles from centre to edge of paper really helpful.

If you aren’t happy and find your patterns aren’t align (let’s face it not every wall is straight) then slowly lift the paper and reapply to the wall but if you keep to the tips I’ve stated above you should be fine.

Once I had applied each panel to the wall it was time to cut off the excess wallpaper with a stanly knife.

It really is simply as that. In a couple of hours with minimal mess you have completely transformed your space. Using removable wallpaper for the bedroom really has been an enjoyable DIY job and I feel that next time I want to use wallpaper on a room revamp I will be using removable again.

Before & After

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