Change Of Season Bedroom Switch Up

The change of season is a perfect time to switch things up in the home.  Everyone wants to snuggle up and get cosy in winter which i suppose i should be using the word i cant actually pronounce “HYGGE” I know right who even am i, I claim to have a interior Insta account and cant even pronounce Hygge.

Changing things up with the seasons doesn’t mean you cant be true to  Continue reading “Change Of Season Bedroom Switch Up”

Room Revamp Idea’s For My Nine Year old Son With Autism

The past couple of months I mentally signed myself up to three room revamps, one being the dining room and the other two being my children’s bedrooms. There is something about knowing that Christmas is looming round the corner to get you all in an interior fluster!

This room has filled me with doom to say the least, there is so many aspects of this room that puts me in a paddy. Chester is nine with autism so creating a calm space that is not  over stimulating is a must, the room also needs to be welcoming and comfortable oh and the last factor it needs to give the illusion of space because oh yes this is the box room of doom. It’s always the way, last one in gets the box room.

So how am I going to pull this off I hear you say, I’m also wondering this to so let’s have a look at my vision.

The wallpaper was what took me the longest time to find, I wanted it to be something that was engaging but not  overstimulate. Finding this Wild Hearts Wonder wallpaper was like a breath of fresh air, it ticks all the boxes plus isn’t restrictive to an age. Continue reading “Room Revamp Idea’s For My Nine Year old Son With Autism”

So you think you’re a Blogger now…

Not another Interior/Lifestyle blog I hear you say!

I won’t try and sugar coat it, that’s exactly what this is but this Blog is by me so without further ado let me introduce myself.

Some of you may already know me from Instagram as the face behind House of Chester, my name is Michaela I’m a mum of two children and one fur babe Winston the untrained slightly bonkers French Bulldog oh and not forgetting my long suffering life partner Andrew. Living our lives in Essex

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