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For those who have followed me for a while would know I love to play with colour. The living room has needed a refresh for a while now. My style is very eclectic and I love to clash colours with pattern but the problem I faced was how was I going to introduce colour when I had so much colourful furniture.


When brainstorming with many paint samples in hand I couldn’t invision any colour as a backdrop to my furniture. Every colour I chose looked messy and cluttered, it just didn’t fit the room. My daughter (yes you read that right my 14 year old daughter) recently introduced me to Pinterest. I was scrolling through for some inspiration and this was when I found this whole world of painted ceilings. Yes we all paint our ceilings but I’m talking about putting your colour not on the walls but up there on the ceiling. This idea excited me greatly, I could introduce a colour to the room and it wouldn’t look like a complete mess against my furniture. The ceiling is part of the room but far enough away for me to have the statement colour I dreamt of.


Hello to the fun part, the world was my oyster. Well maybe not but I did think I could really push the boundaries and pray that my other half didn’t think I had finally lost the plot and plan to vacate our home as soon as possible.

Even though i love a colour clash it had to work with what i already have in the room. Looking around i have accents of pink everywhere and this was the lightbulb moment. What about a pink ceiling, this felt like a no brainier. After speaking with the team at Annie Sloan it was brought to my attention that they did wall paint. Annie Sloan chalk paint is a brand i have used for years as you may already know from my previous post. I never knew they did wall paint though. Annie Sloan released there wall paint collection only a few years ago, they have a small selection of there best selling chalk paint colours adapted to wall paint and boy did they pick the best.

The pink i chose was Antoinette, this is a soft pink. Let’s face it i wanted pink but not Barbie girl pink. I chose there original white as this has a slight warmth to it which works perfectly for a room that can be shaded for the best part of the day.


I have used many brands of paint over the years but i think Annie Sloane can give any of the big brands a run for there money. Admittedly i can be a bit slap dash when it comes to decorating i just want to get it done in time for Eastenders (my guilty pleasure) but I don’t want it to look like my son has done it. I’m busy and slightly stingy! I don’t want to pay a decorator for something I’m capable of doing plus i want to know first hand what a product is really like.

What i want from a paint is good coverage, odour free so I’m not high as a kite and durable for family life. I don’t want to be painting a wall every month because I’ve washed it down after someone has spilt a drink or drawn a stick man on the wall (Chester I’m looking at you). Thankfully Annie Sloan covered all the bases and you can apply the paint any which way you want to. I found it easiest to use the wall paint brush that Annie Sloan stock and the paint was super easy to apply also the coverage from coat one was impressive, remember i want this job done as quick as possible.


I think you know my answer, YES! Who says ceilings need to be white. I say paint that ceiling and don’t be scared to do it. Push the boundaries and play with colour. Ive been asked many questions about painted ceilings and the most popular question i was asked was “does it close the room in” and i can honestly say it doesn’t. With the contrast of the white walls i think it opens the room up and makes the ceiling part of the room not just a forgotten space.

Painting this room has given me the confidence to be more experimental with colour on my walls and ceiling not just with my furniture.


Would you consider painting your ceiling? I would love to know.



Thank you to the awesome team at Annie Sloan for collaborating with me on this project and gifting the paint and paint brushes. All opinions are my own on this blog post.





  1. Wow! This looks so beautiful. Classic but cool. I have wondered if I can paint my walls with Chalk Paint so it’s really good to know Annie Sloan does Wall Paint too! I had literally no idea. Is the Annie Sloan Wall Paint wipe clean and tough on the lower part of the wall? Is that the part you painted in Original? I have twins and although they are past the putting-jammy-hands-on-everything stage I need to know that I won’t have to repaint my walls everytime someone has an accident especially if I choose a light shade! Thanks in advance.

  2. None of the rooms in my house have painted white ceilings! People don’t understand painting them a color other than white. In some areas it’s hard to tell that they aren’t white! I mostly have darker walls – browns and greens – with the ceilings being painted about 3 shades lighter. You have me thinking about future painting and using Annie Sloan paint for my walls and ceilings!

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