Room Revamp Idea’s For My Nine Year old Son With Autism

Room Revamp Idea’s For My Nine Year old Son With Autism

The past couple of months I mentally signed myself up to three room revamps, one being the dining room and the other two being my children’s bedrooms. There is something about knowing that Christmas is looming round the corner to get you all in an interior fluster!

This room has filled me with doom to say the least, there is so many aspects of this room that puts me in a paddy. Chester is nine with autism so creating a calm space that is not  over stimulating is a must, the room also needs to be welcoming and comfortable oh and the last factor it needs to give the illusion of space because oh yes this is the box room of doom. It’s always the way, last one in gets the box room.

So how am I going to pull this off I hear you say, I’m also wondering this to so let’s have a look at my vision.

The wallpaper was what took me the longest time to find, I wanted it to be something that was engaging but not  overstimulate. Finding this Wild Hearts Wonder wallpaper was like a breath of fresh air, it ticks all the boxes plus isn’t restrictive to an age.

‘Another key point to this room is it needs to be clear of toys, books and teddies can stay but anything that’s going to stop Chester from winding down at bedtime is out and in the toy cupboard downstairs. We will be making a feature of Chester’s much loved books with this wall mount storage bookshelf bought from amazon.

No room is complete without a couple of kick arse prints, one from Eleanor Bowmer in a ‘Where The Wild Things are’ style, which is one of our most favourite children’s books. The second print bought from Violet & Percy ‘TEAM NO SLEEP’ which is very fitting as we have been in this team for nine years so it just makes sense! A percentage of the profits from this print goes towards helping a little boy with disabilities which made this purchase even better in my opinion.

There we have it, a rough idea of the inner workings of my mind when it comes to the conundrum of Chester’s Bedroom.

‘Right lets get to work!




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