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I have finally started my Christmas shopping and where better to shop than Tk Maxx.

Shopping in TK Maxx is always such a pleasure, I love how all the items are in their  designated area so I can shop with no stress. I can literally spend ours walking the aisles looking at what they have to offer.

Tk Maxx house so many big labels at small prices and because I have so many people to buy for all at different ages and with different interest I needed to visit a store I could buy something for everyone whilst not breaking the bank.

I also like to try and find items that are a bit more unique, TK Maxx  certainly didn’t  disappoint  when I was looking for something a little bit different.



This week I popped over to my local TK Maxx, I set myself a limit of £50 to buy something for both the children and Andrew and would you believe it I actually completed my task. When exactly can you say that you managed to buy for so many different people in one shop?

63BD7F81-0F76-431A-8E7B-CA899A96FFA1Firstly I headed to the stationary and hobbies area. Here they stock an eclectic array of items. My eldest has just started art GCSE, finding some top quality art supplies for her is such a great gift I know that she will find so useful and love to use. Art can be a costly hobby, it pleases me greatly to be able to buy art supplies at such great value.

FE70D312-F844-47D2-9DB0-618F1D36787EAs you can imagine it was also toys galore I felt like I was in Santa’s workshop. When I visited the toy section I found this marvellous talking monster for my son Chester, I couldn’t believe the saving on this toy as TK Maxx always have up to 60% less than the RRP.

How could I visit TK Maxx and not peruse the aisles in the clothing area. Here I managed to find my hubby Andrews favourite high quality socks, at such a saving these where  most definitely coming home with me. I know he will be absolutely delighted to be gifted these.

There was lots of Christmas themed items in the homeware section, I found these awesome Christmas themed party picks that will be absolutely perfect for the Christmas Day table. It’s ok to gift your Christmas Day table…. right?


I’m so pleased with the gifts I bought in TK Maxx, even when I’m not 100% sure what to buy for someone I can always guarantee that I will leave with an amazing gift.

If you’re ever wondering what sort of items TK Maxx stock than why not visit their online store TK which you can also purchase from. There you will still find lots of great value items that you can order from the comfort of your home and delivered to your door or in-store for collection at your leisure.

TK Maxx really have taken the stress out of my Christmas shopping this year.




(this blogpost is part of a paid partnership with tkmaxx and the items shown have been gifted. All thoughts are my own.)

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