So you think you’re a Blogger now…

So you think you’re a Blogger now…

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Not another Interior/Lifestyle blog I hear you say!

I won’t try and sugar coat it, that’s exactly what this is but this Blog is by me so without further ado let me introduce myself.

Some of you may already know me from Instagram as the face behind House of Chester, my name is Michaela I’m a mum of two children and one fur babe Winston the untrained slightly bonkers French Bulldog oh and not forgetting my long suffering life partner Andrew. Living our lives in Essex

(Insert oversized picture of me pulling a very unnatural pose)

My love for documenting my obsession of all things interiors on Instagram is strong, so creating this blog just felt like a natural progression. My style is an eclectic mishmash with texture, pops of colour that are mixed in with retro upcycled furniture. Basically I’m winging it, my rule is if you don’t know how to do it just make it up and have fun in the process failing that ask your mum!

‘Everyone’s interior is personal to them and I truly believe there is no right or wrongs, all that’s left to do now is to write my official first post.

Thank you for being a guest at House of Chester

Love Michaela x

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